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Sunday, February 10, 2019

IN STRIDE - Place Of Decay

Location: Vancouver, Canada
Release: Bottle Up Records, 2006

One of the dudes in KEEP IT CLEAR has ressurected his old straight edge project for your listening pleasure, available for the first time in high quality, Rain City's IN STRIDE.

Both bands were part of the collective known as Legitmate Bros, which now I believe only the guys in Cutting Through are still representing it to this day.

As you can see from the test press rip-off art above IN STRIDE played youthcrew with melodic elements, from their first Demo in 2004 to their last recording in Place Of Decay 7" their music progressed substantially, so much that this final EP is nothing but amazing, less melodic more straight forward! Best release on the long vanished Bottle Up Records.

Thankfully to Suds Denim, the first 2 demos -- not listed on the newly created bandcamp -- are included on this download. 

DOWNLOAD [+ scans, lyrics]

!! Please let me know if anyone is having a hard time to download from mediafire or is unable to decompress the files, cheers !!

can't close my eyes! :)

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