all things old school: GAZM / CELL / WAX - Montreal Scene Report

Thursday, June 28, 2018

GAZM / CELL / WAX - Montreal Scene Report

Location: Montreal, Canada

The year is 2018 and hardcore punk is pounding strong in the Great white north, more specifically in Montreal (home of Omegas) 3 bands are doing some local ruckus and they are about to TOUR in support of their new material!

GAZM being around the longest of all the 3 bands is on their third release, a 4-way split with other foreign punk bands. They bring an interesting mix to their sound from crust elements to stomp parts that makes their 2016 EP Menace To Tha Earth something to be reckoned with.

CELL presents their 2nd EP Rules Of The Game (plus a 3-song tour tape), they picked up right where they left off: guitar distortions, reverbed vocals and slamming tempo changes. Features members from Vile Intent, canadian powerviolence excellence!

Then enters WAX, filling the void of the old school canadian hardcore (alongside Offside) left by bands such as those hosted by Climbin'Aboard  and Blank Stare records. Demo tape is on constant rotation here (art by Spoiler), all very promising!

The label behind Wax is LSC Records, based in Montreal, visit their page as they are releasing tons of awesome canadian hardcore.


ps: WAX didnt go on tour to Europe this time!

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