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Saturday, June 23, 2018

BLACK TRAIN JACK - Demos & Rarities

Location: New York City
Release: Roadrunner, 1992-1996
Artwork: Ernie Parada

What a band, the've built quite an audience that ranges from regular rockers to hardcore moshers and sends everyone back to the days of yore!

They were active, recording music around mid 90's (but they still play live from time to time), this post is about BTJ rare tracks taken from compilations and singles plus both their demos:

1992 - Five Songs Demo
01. No Reward
02. Guy Like Me
03. Who's That Man
04. It Doesn't Matter
05. Back Up

1992 - 5 Big Hits
01. Time
02. Someday
03. The newest one
04. My Discipline
05. One Love

1993 - Someday Single
01. If I Can

1994 - Handouts Single
01. Handouts (BTJ Sing Along Choir Version)
02. No Use
03. Guy Like Me (featuring Jackie B & The A-Trains)

1995/1996 - Compilations
01. Gratitude (from Flipside R.A.F.R., 1995)
02. Catalina (from Homage - Lots Of Bands Doing Descendents' Songs, 1995)
03. 700 Club (from Punk Uprisings, 1996)


After Black Train Jack they went on and formed many other projects following that same catchy melodic formula such as Gray Area, Nine Lives and HIGHER GIANT but what not everybody knows is that Rob Vitali (vox) teamed recently with dudes in Buried Alive and Maximum Penalty to record under the name American Monster, take a listen:

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