all things old school: MAD EXISTENCE - Self Titled 7"

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

MAD EXISTENCE - Self Titled 7"

Location: Richmond, USA
Release: Vinyl Conflict, 2016

Recently added to my "daily dose of fresh HC" playlist together with Headwalk, Lawgiver and True Vision is MAD EXISTENCE's latest record, a 7 minutes rager! After a taste of what would come in that 3-song Promo and a great demo they return with their best burly punk material thus far, maintaining that UK82/NYHC formula, hardcore for steadfast stompers.

As of last friday they are on a rampage with BARGE bustin' out the jam(e)s in a few selected dates around the USA.

DOWNLOAD [+ promo/demo]

damn son, where'd find this?!

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