all things old school: CRUSH THE DEMONIAC - Demonstration Tape 2016

Thursday, August 11, 2016

CRUSH THE DEMONIAC - Demonstration Tape 2016

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Release: Life Lair Regret Records, 2016

Alex Axemeister Pag from mighty Deal With It teams up once again with Sam Robot Donchi (Reincarnation, Hornetz Nest) for that perfect Harley/Mayhew worship. This time they have gone further in that pursuit, from the band's name to the krishna influence, CRUSH THE DEMONIAC is Cro-mags all over. These 4 demo tracks (+1 comp song) are filled with wisdom and strength to aid in one's quest to conquer their inner demons. Life is hard but their music is harder!

Cassette tapes of the demo are good to go by the also Merlboune based label Life. Lair. Regret.


This post was brought to you by Big Phil and Bruno Pingua.

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