all things old school: SPIRITS / DIE FASTER - Split EP

Friday, July 8, 2016


Location: Boston / Virginia, US
Totally slept on this one. Who doesn't give a fuck about trends here's a killer throwback to early 2000's era of hardcore, double feature!

SPIRITS comeback with 3 new tracks plus that Cranberries cover they did for a special thing last year. Those 3 tracks were also used for the TOMAR CONTROL split on Speed-O-wax. The first track here might be their best one yet, they should be having a really tough day while writing it coz it sounds pissed af!! Due to their restless nature, Spirits has already released new material after this split, including a flexi promo of an upcoming LP.

I never heard of DIE FASTER but it sounded familiar, turns out they have ex-members from Ammunition in it. Their sound also goes back to early 2000, similar to bands in labels such as Dead By 23 and Western Front where Ammunition released their EP. I have most of these label's stuff, so it clicked for me. Quality straight forward hardcore!

DOWNLOAD [courtesy of cointossrecords]

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