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Monday, July 18, 2016

RESOLVE - Won't Stand By LP

Location: St. Louis, US
Release: Just Another Day, 2010

My friend Moises sold to me this LP earlier this year and after I put it for a spin I came to realize how great this record was. Won't Stand By is their one and only full-length and was uploaded in this blog right before it's release 6 years ago, but it was missing some tracks, an overall fucked up post. Since I think it deserves more listenings, here they are once again RESOLVE!

Heavily influenced by 3 of the main pillars in the Youth Crew OG bands for me: Youth Of Today, Straight Ahead and Brotherhood. Positive thinking, equal rights and clear minds, this is youth crew 101 done right!

This LP was available in 3 different covers and in 3 or 4 vinyl colors, you can still grab a copy here or here. Besides this record they've put out 1 demo and 2 EPs, last one with leftovers from the LP I think. The demo is nowhere to be found so here is what I've came up with:

2007 - Self Titled 7" (Commitment Records)
2010 - Won't Stand By LP (Just Another Day Records)
2014 - Fall Sessions '09 EP (Just Another Day Records) 

DOWNLOAD [discography]

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