all things old school: HANGIN' TOUGH | STATEMENT X - Split 7"

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Location: Köln / Hannover, Deutschland
Release: Street Survival Records, 2015
Artwork: Dude Of Death

Street Survival main release in 2015 thus far, a split 7" between two german youth crew groups. They made about 3 or 4 different covers for pre-orders and such, paying homage to Brotherhood and Stop & Think. Record release show happened last week and to celebrate they put the whole thing for free download!

A Side brings HANGIN' TOUGH in their 3rd release with their customary wisecrack lyrics and envolving 2-steps sound: hangin' tough. la vida loca. just without the booze and the fuckin' coca. sippin' on juice without the gin. the HT crew is out to win!

B Side has STATEMENT X, a recent group from Hannover City that appeared on this blog's 2015 Sampler, no tongue-in-cheek lyrics here, just punk attitude and straight edge stomps! Best track: foundation of doubt.


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