all things old school: EXPIRED YOUTH - Where We Stand [+3 unreleased songs]

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

EXPIRED YOUTH - Where We Stand [+3 unreleased songs]

Location: Chicago, US
Release: Think Fast! Records, 2005 - 2007

If this was released today a bunch of people would be all over it, wearing shirts, top 'whatever' lists and so on. The fact is it really caused a certain commotion when the EP came out but with social media nowadays it would reach different scales. Ironically, the other day, as I was putting this record for a spin decided to google for EXPIRED YOUTH which ended up finding out that they do have a facebook page going on and even launched a bandcamp recently with 3 UNRELEASED SONGS (demos for an upcoming LP that didn't come through)!

EY is all about fast youth crew with nods to Uniform Choice that are more apparent on the Where We Stand EP, it starts with Win Or Lose which causes a similar effect as if you put your fingers into a socket, you get electrified! The demo is more raw and sort of generic youth crew but even so it's freaking good, filled with punch-through-a-wall type of breakdowns, I wish they re-recorded those.

After EY broke up in 2007 you can find them on other 2 hardcore projects: One Foot In The Grave (Third x Party records) and DECLINE with dudes from Noose, both awesome by the way!

DOWNLOAD [320kbps]

[Tracks 1-5 Where We Stand, 2006 / Tracks 6-9 Demo, 2005 / Tracks 10-12 Unreleased, 2007]

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