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Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Location: Perth, AUS
Release: Shaman Records, 2015

PLANET PERTH! At this point when you read/listen the words Perth + new band in the same phrase you don't hesitate, you go after, google it, hit the play button or somethin', the chances you will be banging your head are sky high! Strangely, everytime I met a person from there they always state it's a boring city. I doubt it, the beach is never dull, especially a punk one! 

FLOWERMOUTH came around 2013 and just dropped their 2nd EP last month. My buddy Bruno Pinga point it out to me and, as a trusted source he is plus that perth effect, I didn't waste time to check'em. Grunge has definitely infiltrated in todays hardcore punk world, sometimes disguised as 90's emo, sometimes shoegaze. The thing is, these dudes really do justice to this whole revival phenomenon as Urethane 7" is an instant classic! Felling ill? Grab your board and bomb the hills with Flowermouth.

DOWNLOAD [320kbps]

keepers of the froth

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