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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

BONELESS - Unstoppable

Location: Sydney, AUS
Release: Rest Assured, 2013
Artwork: Dave (Vigilante)

NYHC with that australian flow, in BONELESS' debut EP they weren't trying to reinvent the wheel but will most certainly please those into traditional hardcore with attitude, such as Sick Of It All, Dead Stop and Last Nerve. The band has no newbies in it, comprised of former members from Bad Blood, Strength Within, Perish The Thought and Easy Company, the first one being a classic of the Sydney scene for me!

Their new record "Gratitude" released a few months ago has more appeal to it, with improved music writing and recording. Totally worth checking!

PURCHASE 7" & MERCH [on sale!!]
DOWNLOAD [320kbps]

Mad props for the Mike Vallely rip-off shirt!

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