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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

STAND UNITED - 此処に立つ理由

Location: Tokyo, 日本
Release: Six Feet Under Records, 2014
Artwork: YOYO Tome

They are BACK! Dave SFU always keep an eye on Japan for the coolest bands. STAND UNITED debut EP will be the label's #097 release, and before that he already put out records by Inside and As We Let Go.

This 1st EP 7" shows improved production over their Demo which was already good, the vocals stands out, 100% japanese. Their circle of friends consists of one of today's best bands in Japan: Soul Vice/Doggy Hood$, Elephant Stone... For more fine Tokyo Hardcore check this comp. THIS IS TOKYO!

Last saturday (december 6th) Stand United participated in Triple B's Fest with a great set! Glorious time for Japanese and worldwide hardcore.

DOWNLOAD [128kbps]

Koko ni tatsu riyū

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