all things old school: REVISION - Demo 2014

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

REVISION - Demo 2014

Location: California, US
Release: D2C Limited, 2014
Artwork: Matt Cantrell

Hardcore music made by ex-Internal Affairs members, one of my fav bands in mid 00's, so you can expect that fast shredding guitars full of rage type of hardcore.

Revision is playing this weekend (December 13th) together with an I.A. reunion and tons of others, including HARDSTANCE.

DOWNLOAD [320kbps + lyrics]

First batch of hard copies was done by D2C and limited to 10 tapes (!) in a special cover, I believe more will be made with regular artwork.

Credits to: Gonz, Big Phil and the Garcia brothers.


  1. Who from Internal Affairs was in this band ? I know guys from IA, none of these names look like IA dudes.

  2. At least Dennis McDonald is for sure!! I have to look further for others

  3. Ah, yeah, Dennis looks like the only IA member. Cool band, good stuff !


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