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Saturday, October 22, 2011

THE DEGENERICS - Generic Record Collection

Location: New Jersey
Release: Soul Rebel Records, 2007

Its inevitable that lots of good bands pass by unnoticed, some only go local, some go global, its the hype effect! Fortunally the internet (and people willing to share) is helping filling the gap.

The Degenerics plays a mix of Bad Brains and Paint It Black, with other influences ranging from Operation Ivy to Negative Approach.

This album gathers all their recorded material to date, from 1996 to 2005. 39 tracks total:

Tracks 1-14 (Generica Full-lenght, 2000)
Tracks 15-20 (Self Titled 7", 1996)
Tracks 21-24 (No Comply 7", 1997)
Track 25 (The Right To Assemble Compilation, 1998)
Track 26 (Solidary: A benefit for ABC no RIO, 1998)
Tracks 27-28 (The Final Chapter 7", 2005)
Tracks 29-32 (Unreleased Outtakes)
Tracks 33-39 (Live @ Hamilton Street Cafe NJ, 2002)

PURCHASE (cheaaap!)

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