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Sunday, August 7, 2011

CLOSE CALL - Someone Talked CD

Location: Boston
Release: Gloom Records + Stab & Kill, 2002

Speaking of Gloom Records, Close Call came to mind. The song 'All Too Safe' featured on the 'Someone Talked' EP is a truly anthem!!

This CD released by Stab & Kill Records (later to be named Perfect Victim) compiles the following tracks:
1-7 from Someone Talked 7"
8-10 previously unreleased
11 from Destroy All Monster Comp.
12 from All Systems Go! Comp.
13 from Boston Drops The Gloves: a tribute to slapshot
14-20 live on WERS 2001

On Close Call's myspace says that they are still doing shows, its seems they are still active, great!!

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