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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

DOWN IN FLAMES - Three Seven Inches On One CD

Listen: @soundcloud
Location: New Jersey
Release: Gloom Records, 2001 (out of print)

18 tracks, 12 minutes! This CD compiles 3 out of 5 Down In Flames releases: Start The Fucking Fire 7", Tear It Up Split 7"and Gate Crashers Split 7". The other 2 not listed here are: the first s/t 7" (1999) and the latest s/t 12" (2002) on 625 Thrashcore. Limited to 1.000 copies.

Gloom was a fine label, specialized in fast and thrash core from Albany, NY. They released Toxic Holocaust, Cut The Shit, The Rites, Close Call to mention a few. It seems their website just got offline. Good era.


Down In Flames 1999-2002

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