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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

ATARI - Ten Years Strong

Location: Lehigh Valley, U.S. 
Release: Broken Man Records, 2004

Discography from this "1997-era" hardcore / skate-edge band from from Pennsylvania. Straight forward positive music, taking their cues from Turning Point and Insted. This compilation includes their ‘Too Tired To Drive Home’ 7”, ‘We’ll Be Fighting’ 7”, and the ‘Skate Tuff’ demo tape, plus songs from their split with Carpenter Ant, and the ‘Growing Stronger’, ‘What We Share’, and ‘Rebirth Of Hardcore’ compilations, and finally a 9 song live set.

They started in 1994, broke up in 2001 and made a Reunion Show in 2004 when Broken Man Records released their discography CD that sold out quite fast, now a LP version is available again through act fast!

"JOYSTICK FURY" - November, 2004

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