all things old school: GOLDEN DISTRICT - Heavier Than King Kong's Nutz

Saturday, August 14, 2010

GOLDEN DISTRICT - Heavier Than King Kong's Nutz

Location: Nantes, France
Release: Mental Damage + High Hopes, 2009

French Weekend 2/3 - "Hell Yeah!" was what I tought when I first hit their myspace and heard their available tracks. Nantes became a new reference in hardcore, like swedish Umeå City.
In their second and unfortunaly last record, Golden District delivers 10 tunes of positive yet raging hardcore not to be missed. In their 5 years existence they shared stage with some of the best hardcore acts like Fired Up and True Colors, assuring their place in hardcore history book.

Tenho uma cópia deste CD para vender, interessados mandem email para R$20,00

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