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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

SKAM DUST - Corona Drug Bust

Location: Corona Queens, N.Y.
Release: CountDown Records, 2010 

With Lord Ezec's motivation Skam Dust started his own project, featuring D.M.S. infamous members Freddy Crucien, Puerto Rican Myke, Lu Subzero, Ceekay Jones among other collabs like Earth Crisis and Olde York singers, they bring true thug-core straight from the Rotten Apple. This album compiles 16 tracks taken from Skam Dust EP "Son of Skarhead", Son of Skam's "Sing Of The Times" and a few brand new releases, including the off-the-chains track that entitled this release - Corona Drug Bust.

Skam Dust himself once said "My lyrics tell the stories of my youth, recalling a time when the police and the public were in a state of panic. A time when the 44 Killer, otherwise known as the Son Of Sam, was on the loose and filling the city with terror. Meanwhile, NYC was undergoing a city-wide blackout. My lyrics speak about the excitement that filled the city after the NY Yankees won the World Series and Reggie Jackson hit three home runs in one game. And they speak about the days when graffiti was on every subway train and hip-hop was making noise. My lyrics reminisce about the days spent riding shotgun with my dad, who seemed to work incessantly as a NYC cabbie"

Musically they sound something between Body Count and Biohazard. Evil Dick is on the loose once again!

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