all things old school: V/A - THE TIME IS NOW (Tension Building Hardcore Fanzine)

Friday, July 2, 2010

V/A - THE TIME IS NOW (Tension Building Hardcore Fanzine)

Old School Gems Series #3 - Here we have another great obscure release by one the best north amercian bands of the old school hardcore revival in the late 90's. 
This 7" came along with the Tension Building Zine issue 4 around 1997 limited to a hundred few. The highlight is the HANDS TIED exclusive track to this compilation - Lost Ground! Great song that shouldnt be left out from their EP.

1.Floorpunch - Always
2.Hands Tied - Lost Ground
3.Rain On The Parade - Down In Flames
4.Ten Yard Fight - No Place
5.Rancor - So Much For You
6.Rancor - D.F.P.

props to for the images!

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