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Tuesday, November 19, 2019


Yo back on my quest to upload small label's discography for the one and only purpose of documenting the early 2000's hardcore punk history. First one was about Ambassador Records. These labels were all active during the same period, right when I was eager to know more new hardcore bands and was acquiring everything I could put my hands on (lol).

Western Front was a Los Angeles based hardcore label with a total of 10 releases, from 2001 to 2005. What a better way to find about new cool bands then to track down a labels catalog? AS you know, back then there was no bandcamp, discogs, spotify nor decent content on youtube.

WFR-01  THE DAMAGE DONE - Damage Done
First release (aka Demo aka "California") by this melodic hardcore from SoCal with that late 90's SXE sound similar to In My Eyes and Champion. Read more about them in this article, written by one of the band members which was also the guy behind Rivalry Records.

Virgina Beach hardcore 2002 represent! Features dudes from IRON BOOTS and TARPIT. Artwork by Linas Garsys. For download we have the CD version with 2 bonus tracks!

WFR-03  OUTBREAK - Eaten Alive
First record by this well known fastcore band, later signed to Bridge9 and Think Fast! Records (vocal's label). Artwork by Mike Bukowski! Contains bonus tracks!!

WFR-04  SAY GOODBYE - Anti-Social EP
Another great fastcore release by the label, introducing SAYGOODBYE. A band previously featured on this blog, more info here.

WFR-05  THE DAMAGE DONE - Never Wash Away
Their sick debut EP, much more personality when compared to the demo. File under criminally underrated album! A co-release with Rivalry Records of sorts.

WFR-06  THE MIRACLE MILE - Where The Heart Is
Another good add to the label's hoster, great melodic hardcore in the vein of American Nightmare. As a bonus I'm adding their 2004 EP The Future History out on Sell Our Soul to show how hard they rocked!

WFR-07  SAYGOODBYE - Say Goodbye LP
Label's finest release, check the special post about them here.

WFR-08  DROP IT - What The Hell?
The only Western Front release I don't own a single copy, pretty solid record tho.

WFR-09  DIE! - I Hope You Die
Awesome skatecore band from Italy, youth's gone thrashin'! Label's final release.

WFR-10  SAYGOODBYE - Misanthropy
update: Western Front number Ten! Last release for both the band and label.

DOWNLOAD [Discography]*

*except the records by SayGoodbye which were featured on the blog before!

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