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Saturday, October 19, 2019

SUDDEN IMPACT & 80's Canadian Skatepunk

It's hard to believe SUDDEN IMPACT is getting some (deserved) praise nowadays, among many other 80's underground gems from Canada they score high in my book! Through their not so extensive carrer their musical style ranged from this cool skatepunk in the early 80's to an insane crossover act as the decade unfolded, two of my favorite styles. All very catchy to the ears and easy to get fueled by and start moshing around to it!

They hail from Newmarket (near Toronto) and just the other day they performed live at this year's 77' MONTREAL FEST alongside Pennywise and many others. Both their LPs got reissued on CD a few years back by Marquee Records from Brazil and it seems their demo will be pressed on 12'' for the first time by Supreme Echo! Not to mention they were featured on this amazing book about the 80's Toronto Hardcore scene called TOMORROW IS TOO LATE with many other cool bands. A limited 7" compilation was also issued on vinyl, check it here.

That's a good source to dig for some great unheard bands right there, with that in mind here's other killer groups/albums from that era.

MICRO EDGE features one or two Sudden Impact members and they put out a handful of songs dating back to 1983, Ugly Pop Records came along and released these songs on 12" format this very year, just gnarly!

HYPE, another great act from that era, put out 2 albums in the mid 80's, the second one "Burned" being my favorite. Also, just recently, both records got remastered and reissued on CD. Even though it can be very debatable of what or where Skatepunk really stand as a music sub-genre I feel this band and the next one falls right into (sonically) what was being produced in SoCal/Nardcore scenes at that same time, like B'LAST, J.F.A. and AGRESSION to name a few, all dubbed as skatepunk bands.

S.C.U.M., the last one on my list, released one hell of a LP back in '85 "Born Too Soon..."! The cover art can be very unappealing but the skatepunk music is dead on! Their acronym means Society Controlled Under Murderers and represents an stance against the Montreal Police Force, as it's better explained here. This album got a needed reissue on CD with bonus tracks in 2006, including a version of a song with their previous singer featured on the comp It Came From The Pit!

DOWNLOAD I includes:
Sudden Impact - No Rest From The Wicked + Freaked Out Demo (Fringe Product/Diabolic Force, 1986)
Sudden Impact - Split Personality (Fringe Product/Diabolic Force, 1988)

DOWNLOAD II includes:
SC.U.M. - Born Too Soon... (Psyche Industry Records, 1985)
MICRO EDGE - '83 Demo
HYPE - Burned (Fringe Product/We Bite, 1987) 

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