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Monday, October 8, 2018

AWARE - Stop And Think! Complete Discography

Location: Connecticut, US
Release: Smorgasbord Records, 2010

Connecticut hardcore, home of many classic hardcore bands since the 80's but many of them remained only in the mind of a few kids from that time, which is a normal process. Thanks to guys like Jeff Terranova and his associates at Smorgasbord they brought back AWARE!

This album compiles all their recordings from '87 to '89 plus some rehersal and live extras, 39 tracks in total! Due to budget constraints this discography never got a physical release -- in CD as it was meant to be -- nevertheless all tracks were re-mastered from the original reels and includes a nice full 10-page insert/layout in pdf.

My favorite album from them is their last one, the New Lease On Life LP, despite the ugly artwork (don't judge the cover type of situation) their sound is very reminiscent to other second-wave-straight-edge bands like Up Front, Token Entry and Beyond.

Tracks 1-12 “New Lease On Life” LP 1989 - Iron Face Records
Tracks 13-18 s/t 7” 1987 - Double Trouble Records
Tracks 19-26 Cassette Demo 5/24/87 - Think Records
Tracks 27-31 recorded 6/29/88 mixed 7/12/88 "River Street Studio Sessions"
Tracks 32-37 recorded 12/27/88 mixed 12/28/88 "River Street Studio Sessions"
Tracks 38 and 39 Recorded Live @ The Anthrax, Norwalk, CT 1/9/88
Born To Be Wild originally by Steppenwolf, For Your Love originally by The Yardbirds


"It’s a remarkable experience to see and hear a compilation of the fun we had twenty years since our last show. That last show was on August 17th, 1990 at the Anthrax in Norwalk, CT. We look back and feel honored to have been a part of a movement that brought energy and friendships to us and so many others."
- Sean Marcus and Mike Feinson

Sean Marcus - Vocals, Nicholas Lamberto - Guitar, Mike Feinson - Bass, Mike Eddy - Drums

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