all things old school: ZERO - Nobody Owes Me Anything / Can You Help Me?

Friday, August 17, 2018

ZERO - Nobody Owes Me Anything / Can You Help Me?

Location: Ontario, Canada
Release: DIY, 2018

Canada's best kept secret, ZERO! Bo (Climinbin' Aboard) and the guys just put out a new single together with WINDOC, a slowed tempo metal core project also from Ontario.

Back to ZERO, last year they self-released a 2-song tape, a very solid record! But this new single shows them progressing to a more intense sound, works perfectly! Maybe in 2020 a LP comes out, until then here's their discography:

2014 - Demo Tape (Powered Records)
2015 - Promo Tape (United Voices Records)
2016 - Say No More 7" (Powered / Insight Records)
2017 - Can You Help Me? Tape
2018 - Nobody Owes Me Anything Single 

[Discography 2014-2018]

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