all things old school: DENIM & LEATHER - Sacred Autism

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

DENIM & LEATHER - Sacred Autism

Location: Manchester, UK
Release: Drunken Sailor, 2018

The album of the year to many europeans, definitely one of the most fun! In their third release DENIM & LEATHER offers an inventive, catchy, abrasive and a more broadening record than its previous effort back in 2016, released by Milk Run Records. Mostly beacuse now its a LP insted of an EP, more room for creativity.

Their sound has guitar distortions and fuzzed riffs similar to Black Flag/Pissed Jeans plus the speed and aggressiveness of Poison Idea, all sprayed with a UKHC scent.

First pressing comes in a small batch of 300 LPs, don't sleep!

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