all things old school: WILDFLOWER - 2 song Promo

Friday, March 4, 2016

WILDFLOWER - 2 song Promo

Location: België
Release: Powertrip Records, 2016

Powertrip put out last december a taste of whats to come this current year by this ultra cool label: an all killer no filler european hardcore Sampler, bands to watch closely with no exceptions! The newest amongst them is WILDFLOWER whose full demo is yet to be released, which should happen around April. Their high developed and rich groove sound in such an early stage as a band impress even the pickiest motherfocker.

I sent a few questions to find out more about this project and get a fresh look on the belgium scene:

1- As a new band, wildflower already sounds tight! did any of you guys played in a band before? can you drop a few names that influenced your music? Thanks man appreciate it! The 2 guitarist played in Grim, and the drummer and bass player play in Pulse. I kinda think the influences are a bit different with each member but it surely isn't a coincidence that we cover who's to blame from Leeway... but we try to just do our own thing.

2- Around 2007 Belgium was the booming place for the coolest new bands in Europe, how do you feel about it and how do you see the local scene nowadays compared to 10 years ago? belgium defenitly had some cool bands in the past, 2007 era sure wasn't a bad year. The scene over here was dying out a bit the past 2 years though, but with a lot of new upcoming bands it'll change for the better soon I can tell.

3- Can you name other new rad bands hailing from your area? any shout outs? be sure to check Mindwar, Escape, Absolve, Pulse, Devour and Destined to Burn. Shout out too all the promoters in belgium for sure! Crowfoot bookings, damage bookings,... and the guys involved with wildflower! Special one for Hannes from powertrip records.


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