all things old school: TIME CRISIS - Afraid of Death + Demo

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

TIME CRISIS - Afraid of Death + Demo

Location: Brisbane, Australia
Release: Death's Grip, 2015

Death's Grip, Shaman and Life.Liar.Regret. Records are on the forefront of dope fresh aussie hardcore releases rigth now. In this case, Deaths Grip's latest is TIME CRISIS anticipated debut 7", killer thrash/metallic hardcore from paradise city Brisbane.

Their 2014 Demo was already a bomb, sold out in 2 cassette runs. The new EP sounds heavier and dark as fuck, so much so that a sick band (which is rarely mentioned) came to mind: Palehorse. The title track Afraid Of Death was structured so demonically that it exudes evil out of your ears! Anyways, listen to both records, step on pedal and if it pleases you, get the 7" while you still get a chance! Pressing of: 100 maroon, 200 clear.

DOWNLOAD 7" + Demo

kudos to pingua metalheäd

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