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Monday, June 2, 2014

INSANITY ALERT - Second Opinion

Location: Innsbruck, Austria
Release: Slaughterhouse / Glorious Thrash, 2013
Artwork: Roel Smit

MOSH! Debut EP with 6 songs clocking around 1:30 minutes each, so sweetly executed you gotta hear thrice. CD version carried by their own label and 7" by italian Slaughterhouse Records. There's a diehard version that comes with a tape that includes their 2012 Demo, where they cover Run To The Hills in a brilliant way.

A 15-song full-length is about to pop up through belgian Empire Records, again produced by The Hand of Doom.

FFO: wreckage, circle pit and tons of glorious thrash  

DOWNLOAD EP + DEMO [320kbps]

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