all things old school: SAID AND DONE - Better Days

Sunday, May 11, 2014

SAID AND DONE - Better Days

Location: Noord-Brabant, Nederlands

5th installment by dutch SAID AND DONE, completing 8 years of existence and 4 since the last record "Weight of the World". From a 80's NYHC/Metal influenced hardcore to Grunge(?) they return in their 2nd full-length Better Days. Always a tough call for a band to shift styles and embrace other influences in the song writing, but this comes as no surprise as it happened before with Justice, for example, and worked just fine (after a few listenings).

Despite someone feel about overturns like this, Better Days is very addicting and will please fans of Supertouch, Gypsy, Daylight and those 90's indie/grunge bands everyone used to listen. The highlight for me here is the musicianship level and recording process (done in their rehearsal space!), oustanding. (For another measure) I was listening the other day to STP's Purple at the beach, this fits right in! 

First press consist of: 100 red, 100 white, 300 black.

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