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Friday, April 18, 2014

No Redeeming Social Value - Slumlords

Location: Queens + Baltimore
Release: Conformist Recs. + Juke Boxxx, 2005 [out of print]

I fuckin' luv N.R.S.V. Its classic NYHC, funny as hell and has the illest live performances. ATTENTION! This is not suitable for the faint of heart or virgin people, it will mess you up! Songs about booze, eating disorder, tattoos, 40 oz. malt liquors, butter, microwaves and other wacky subjects as a result of large consumption of alcohol aggravated by hallucinogenic substances.

They started in '93 Queens, NY and has Vinny Value (Warzone) playing the drums from time to time. Celebrating 25 years of existence they did dozens of records, world tours and insane video clips! One of those records was a split with another fine hardcore group, Baltimore's SLUMLORDS featuring Jeff Perlin (Breakdown) on vocals. They own some equally hilarious lyrics backed by that heavy NY Oi! sound.

I got my hands on the japanese version of that split album, filled with extras. They play each others songs, live recordings and a few videos! GADEMM!


Since we are not here to fool around, check the mad riffs and fantastic chants on this magic journey to No Redeeming sensational early days compiled on a 40 oz. album and then some Slumlords wisdom on both their LPs to boot. Booya!

DOWNLOAD 40 oz. of Hardcore [Triple Crown - 2001]

DOWNLOAD Self Titled LP [I Scream/ Perfect Victim - 2004]

DOWNLOAD On The Stremph LP [Lockin Out - 2006]

As customary, here is a cool interview with NRSV's Dean Miller (one of the vocals) and here a Slumlords homage on pictures featuring their whole vinyl discography.

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