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Monday, September 2, 2013


Location: Connecticut, US
Release: Red Dawn / Takeover, 2003 (out of print)

The DISTANCE was quite known in US during mid-00's but not because of their early days. They changed from a cool CARRY ON styled hardcore to some melodic emo-ish stuff.

Since this blog is about old school, here's their 4-song Demo produced by Dean Baltulonis (Righteous Jams, Guns Up!, Desperate Measures,..) pressed on 7 inch by Takeover Records and later on mini-CD by Red Dawn Records with 2 extra songs (including a Minor Threat cover). 

In 2004 they moved to Bridge 9 and put out a nice EP entitled "Your Closest Enemies", not as good as the Demo but still worth to check! Then Think Fast! Records made a compilation with all their 7 inch material on CD under a funny title "If You Lived Here You'd Be Home Already", including this Demo which was the reason I bought a copy.

PS: the singer (Jay Reason) was also the frontman at Voice of Reason during late 90's and they are about to release a discography album pretty soon!

The Useless Song

Screams... You never breathed
You watched me die DIE!

Do you remember the day
That you stopped breathing?

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