all things old school: PROCLAMATION - Taken By Force

Friday, July 19, 2013


Location: Boston, US
Release: Brigde 9, 1999 (out of print)

Taken by Force figures on my overall top 10! It was also my first B9 record , sixteen songs around 19 minutes, including 2 covers by INFEST and SIEGE!!! So you know you're up to, FAST and feral hardcore.

Don't know much about their background but B9 gave the weirdest release note, mentioning they were hated and controversial (!) The lyrics are indeed very direct and holds no remorse, packed with sxe pride.

Another interesting point is the artwork's theme chosen: Ash from the Evil Dead series, plus a excerpt from 1990's Total Recall at the end of the CD completes the cool ill concept of the album.

Before this record they put an EP in '98 also trought B9 and some scattered demo songs that can be found in their discography CD "Let The Truth Be Told". But frankly? Taken by Force is their BEST!

(320 kbps)

ps.: someone screwed up during mastering and the volume levels came out pretty low, so its not a problem from my copy. MAX your volume on this one!

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