all things old school: FIELDS OF FIRE - Kill The Flock

Saturday, June 5, 2010

FIELDS OF FIRE - Kill The Flock

Location: Oxnard / Isla Vista
Release: Bockhorn Records, 2002 (out-of-print)

A perfect soundtrack for your skate sessions, tough one to find, now available for download for your listening pleasure. I will upload their previous album in the near future as well. Enjoy and remember keep skateboarding a crime, destroy or be destroyed.

1. Conform or Figh
2. No Heroes, No Idols, No gods
3. Vaporize Yourself
4. What We Do is Secret [Germs Cover]
5. Going Nowhere
6. Throwing TV Sets Off Of Bridges
7. Out Of My Life
8. All That I Know

Influences: Black Flag, Zero Boys, The Germs

*Considering its rarity this is in 128kbps, which makes it more punk!*

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