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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

VEXATION - Feel No Pain

Location: Nederland
Release: DIY, 2018

2019 is already taking its pace, last year's releases are piling up big time, so as the old school scene in Europe. At this time, our eyes are focused in The Netherlands, in which bands like ICEPICK are killing us with suspense for a new release, other dutch veterans stepped up, VEXATION!

Comprised of ex/current members from Coldblooded, Incinerator and CORNERED, the latter being more in my alley of underground heavy music, featured here many times. These dudes made quite an impression with this demo and will most certainly do more damage this year as the word spreads out! You already can stream them on spotify and physical tapes are on the go.

Being Cro-Mags one of their main inspirations, their sound is more metallic induced than groove-laden hardcore, the kind that I can never get enough from! Bursting riffs and breakdowns plus great vocals, loved every minute of this demo.

DOWNLOAD [2-song Promo]

Monday, January 14, 2019

LIKE IT OR NOT - The Demo Revisited

Location: Los Angeles
Release: Lockin' Out, 2019

Maybe it's too late for them but better late than never, I guess. LIKE IT OR NOT, after all the hype they gained 14 years ago with their demo, one unreleased LP and a handful of shows, Martin aka Deep Freeze from Terror/Donnybrook is back to his LOC Sound project!

They scrapped the songs from the unreleased LP (due around 2007-2009) and re-recorded the demo songs and now they sound more powerful, check 'em!

freak out!  CIII

Friday, January 11, 2019

RATED X - Demo '19

Location: England, UK
Release: DIY, 2019

Who doesn't like a secret hardcore project? NWOBHC still on top in 2019? I couldn't care less, just keep 'em coming (lol)!

With not many european labels left (devoted to old school) It has become quite hard to keep up with new stuff coming from there (apart from noisey japcore, beatdown and street punk). Nevertheless I will try to squeeze something in the next couple posts. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

RAW BRIGADE - Promo 2019

Location: Bogotá, Colombia
Release: Six Feet Under Records, 2019

The year has officially started, for old school hardcore at least. RAW BRIGADE, the ones responsible for putting Bogota on the map!

They have been making music that what this blog really stand for and this time around is no different, old school in full force! SFU has signed them for a debut 12" to be out later this year, these 2 demo tracks exhales Negative Approach and Straight Ahead in all their glory.

In case you missed Raw Brigade was also featured (with an exclusive rippin' track) on Dog Years' exquisite compilation, listen to it now here.


Yo know SFU is one of the few north-american labels that push the envelope a little bit further with releases by bands from Australia, Japan, France, Belgium and now Colombia, thats pretty dope. Props to Dave Sausage to keep it open-minded and fresh!

Sunday, January 6, 2019

C.N.D. - Can't Be Killed

Location: Florida, US
Release: Sonic Warfare Productions, 2018
Artwork: Robert Cerrito

Florida again fellas! One of the top releases from 2018, a shocking, devastating EP!

The recipe of explosive success here is: a large dose of Death metal, some thrashy guitars, a pinch of Florida's seasoned hardcore plus YOUR FACE, all melted on a cauldron made out of warhead. The result is so ugly it's beautiful, CRUDE NUCLEAR DEVICE!

Sonic Warfare also put out Dominant Force's demo, so it might be wise to watch them closely for more neck-breaking music.  


THIS FORCE can't be killed!

Friday, January 4, 2019

DEFLECT - Promo 2018

Location: Florida, US
Release: Eighty-Sixed Records, 2018

DEFLECT is preparing their antecipated debut full-length for 2019, 2 songs are out as a taste of whats to come.

 The 2017's Downward Spiral EP was a striking album back to back, perhaps this time stepping down the pace a little but the intense metallic hardcore remains, so as the partnership with Corey Williams.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

ILLUSION - Magic With A Smile

Location: NYC
Release: Streets Of Hate / Lockin' Out, 2018

It took a while but it's finally here, ILLUSION's debut EP, one year after their tremendous Demo! NYHC at its finest, all the best 80's influences, spine chilling hardcore.

7" is already being shipped, Streets of Hate is handling the tape version, get it while its hot.


 start 2019 with a bang!

Monday, December 31, 2018

Mumbling about this year's Top 10's Hardcore/Metal Albums

Getting old sucks, it makes you jaded, outdated, it's inevitable, part of life. The truth is after reading many Top-whatever Hardcore/Metal/Punk albums of 2018 I feel clueless, most I wouldnt even consider as part of these sub-genres! Headed by VEIN and it's KORNVERGE trendy style full of chaotic noise and electronic shenanigans just won't get into my head, when it comes to Hardcore my mind is way too Bad Brains/Cro-Mags oriented. If these websites are calling these albums "refreshing new wave of metalcore" I'm officially now a knucklehead, not to mention all those wanna-be-in-lollapalooza indie groups listed as "best punk". My notion of a possible Hardcore's new direction was assured on bands like Mil-Spec and Higher Power.

Just when I thought that Pop Wig and its array of cool bands would set the tone once again they got ran over and only Turnstile pulled off, according to these critics.

Neverthless, 2018 saw the release of new music by many BIG names in hardcore and melodic punk: SOIA, Madball, Leeway, Terror, Slapshot, American Nightmare, Pennywise, Millencolin, No Fun At All, Satanic Surfers, 88 Fingers Louie... most of them around since the 80's and 90's plus releases by all those new super-punk-groups like Fireburn, Don't Sleep, Beach Rats, For Pete's Sake and Winds Of Promise. It seems there's a general increasing interest in punk rock lately.  

Anyway, it's been a while I last did a top list, you always forget something, but I felt compelled to make one this year, for the sake of Old School. Big shout out to Freddy Alva/Urban Styles and InEffectHardcore for keeping it REAL.

1. BATTLE RUINS - Glorious Dead (Rock 'N' Roll Disgrace)
THIS is refreshing metal, capisce?

2. WASTE MANAGEMENT - Tried And True (Painkiller Records)
Boston crew mainstays got back together from their dozens of other projects to record under the moniker WM, flawless as usual!

3. FULLMINATOR - Crackattack (Self Released)
Puerto Rico thrash motherfockers, from the future to save us from boredom and hyped metalcore bullshit!!

4. MINDFORCE - Excalibur (Triple B Records)
They meet the highest expectations here, Excalibur is one hell of a record! How they came up with so many dope riffs? Hats off!

5. ROD OF CORRECTION - Lies (Indecision Records)
Took SoCal by assault and Primal Rite's place for best new punk metal group. Features dudes from Take Offense and Narrows!

Honorable Mention: NEGATIVE SELF - Control The Fear (BDHW Rec.)
Maybe I am obsessed with crossover but I couldn't let this one out, supeb production and follow-up LP, Suicidal Tendencies worship straight from Stockholm, a head dive into 80's metal glory.

1. C.N.D. - Can't Be Killed (Sonic Warfare Productions)
Want to hear something new and fresh? Refresh yourself with a shower of fire in your face, courtesy of CRUDE NUCLEAR DEVICE!!

2. DRK BLU - What It Is (Self Released)
I'm a sucker for Minority Unit ;-) Wally back on track!

3. MIL-SPEC - Changes (Lockin' Out)
Direct yet inventive hardcore by these canadian punks, look no further for the sound of tomorrow! 

4. MERE MORTAL - Tartarus (Quality Control HQ)
These Leeds lads know how to make music, Tom Pimlott goes thrash!

5. HIGH COMMAND - The Primordial Void (Haftvad Records)
Speaking of which, Worcester best kept secret, the latest baking out of the Paincave studios.

Honorable Mention: LINE OF SIGHT - Dissent (Youngblood Records)
I am suspicious when it comes to youth crew and Youngblood records, label's only release this year.

1. DOMINANT FORCE - Promo 2018 (Triple B Records)
Two releases in 1 year by these soon-to-be powerhouses of NY-ish metallic hardcore.

2. STIGMATISM - Demo (Beach Impediment / Static Shock)
One of the realest demo of the year, from the streets to the streets.

3. CHAIN CULT - Demo (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Just brilliant and addictive dark-punk (without souding soppy) from Greece, subsequent 2-song EP is somehow greater, we want more!

4. PEACE TEST - Demo (Self Released)
While Rival Mob is on hold, Trevor Vaughan keeps the fire lit. Shred!!

5. SISSYFIT - Make Em Pay (Self Released)
Totally rad demo by these newcomers, abrasive hardcore riotgrrl power!

Honorable mention: REVIVAL - Promo 2018 (Self Released)
Yo, Colombia represent! Together with Raw Brigade they are making some noise. Listen the promo here, or their newest EP "Expectations".

Worth mentioning "hall-of-fame":
Vanik "Dark Season" is an instant retro Metal classic, with members of Ringworm, Toxic Holocaust +more.
Illusion "Magic With A Smile" didn't exceed their Demo but still a remarkable EP.
Protester "Watch Them Fall" another impressive record by these DC punk mainstays.
Ekulu "S/T" EP got me fooled by the cover art at first but turned out to be a massive 3-song debut, features members from Illusion, Candy and other Triple B alumni.
Diztort "Hell Is..." another release that didn't exceed the band's demo, nonetheless powerful af!
Nekrogoblikon "Welcome To Bonkers" is one of the very few featured on those many Top 10's list that I actually agreed, just too weirdly good.
Subtype Zero "The Astral Awakening" is today's answer to Def Jam-era Slayer, with no releases in 2018 by Power Trip or Foreseen, they reign supreme.
Damn Youth "Breathing Insanity" is the biggest surprise from Brazil this year, amazing anti-fascist thrashcore!

This playlist showcases top picks from that list, plus a few unmentioned great ones:

Best Re-issue:
HARD STANCE - Foundation (Indecision Records)
Technically out next year, digital audio files are ready to be acquired by this amazing late 80's hardcore outfit discography.


Wednesday, December 26, 2018

ON POINT - The Anti-Cool

Location: Nashville, US
Release: Dog Years Records, 2017
Artwork: Daniel Mackey

Tennessee own's ON POINT accomplished quite a lot musically, even though remained obscured throughout their short existence (2014-2017), the band's progression on The Anti-Cool EP could represent a new start for them and maybe some deserved recognition.

This record never got a physical release because the band broke up right after finishing it, a final show took place in December of that year. Anyway this is a very fun groove-laden hardcore 6-song EP. Their previous album was posted here two years ago.


Dog Years is getting ready to put out their exciting new compilation, THE UNDERDOGS VOL.2! Please visit the label's social media for full release and support your local scene, always!

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

NINE LIVES - Uncovered and Rarities

Location: New York
Release: P.O.P. Records, 2002

Allright, wanna talk about a tough record to track down? I present NINE LIVES compilation of covers and demos, ladies and gents!

Another late 90's project (that may rise again in 2019!) by Rob Vitale, this time without Ernie, only with Goldstein from Black Train Jack. This CD only came out in Japan and it compiles the following recordings:

Tracks 1-6 Cover songs
Tracks 7-10 2nd Demo Tape
Tracks 11-14 1st Demo Tape

For some reason they didn't include their IGGY POP redemption of Sixteen, which I fixed for this occasion. 9 Lives biggest hit Paperboy is included here in a demo version.


Nine Lives drummer Rich Ramirez uploaded this video and a few others, most related to this release. For more Rob/Ernie music endeavors you may check BTJ and Higher Giant.
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