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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

KINGPIN - Ultima Ratio

Location: Odesa, Україна
Release: Self-Released, 2021

Age of Quarantine, day # 397 - It's always a good surprise to hear new stuff from a band you though were dead. Ukranian's in KINGPIN never quit officially but my hopes were low as their previous release came out 5 years ago.

Anyway they're back in style with Ultima Radio EP, 11 minutes of finest groove-laden hardcore, where melodies and heaviness clash in perfect harmony.

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

TIME FOR LIVIN' - A Hardcore & Thrash Tribute To Beastie Boys

Photo: Brian Rasic (London '87)

March 2021 marks this page's 11th anniversary but also one dreadful year of quarantine due Covid-19. My first thought was to make a virus-themed compilation but screw that, with Brazil and many other countries facing its darkest moment right now, our minds need to find relief anytime we can.

Instead here's a Hardcore & Thrash Tribute to one of the most legenday groups of our generation, the BEASTIE BOYS. From its humble beginning as a teenage punk band paying homage to BAD BRAINS (hence the BB initials) to later enter the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. The more-than-skilled trio -- Mike D, Ad-Rock, MCA (RIP) -- gave us dope hip hop, soothing instrumentals and full-fledged hardcore that many other groups covered.

This goes out to all my good friends, wherever they are, who (like me) grew up listening to Rap Music, Punk and Metal with BEASTIE BOYS being right in the center of it all! Also, as all previous compilations posted here, this is a non-profit and digital only "release". Stay safe and love one another.

01. Beastie Boys - An Open Letter To NYC (Remix by Rocky Gio)
02. Brain Slug - Ode To...
03. Snøb - Heart Attack Man
04. Scouts - Sure Shot
05. Buggin' - Gratitude
06. Bid D And The Kids Table - Brand New
07. Pro-Pain - Egg Raid On Mojo
08. Doggy Style - She's On It
09. Illstie Boys - Beastie Boys
10. Incendiary - Sabotage
11. Sniffing Glue - Time For Livin'
12. 96 - Believe Me
13. L.E.A.R.N. - Tough Guy
14. The Dead Walk! - (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right To Party
Bonus: 15. Jacuzzi Boys - Song For The Man

DOWNLOAD [+ bonus disc]

Since there's plenty of bands covering them, especially on the Fight For Your Right song, here's the second part of the tribute with some extras (repeated songs), plus the FRONTLINE original track which served as "inspiration" for Time For Livin' and, of course, the Thrash metal covers which for some weird (and fun) reason are very close to the original versions.

01. Common Enemy - Egg Raid On Mojo
02. My Own Lies - Tough Guy
03. Frontline - Feel Like A King
04. Refused - Gratitude
05. Water For Buffalo - Intergalatic
06. Fullminator - Fight For Your Right
07. Abnegate - No Sleep 'Till Brooklyn
08. Anthrax - Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

OZONE - Demos

Location: Fort Worth, USA
Release: Inside Knowledge Fanzine, 2021
Artwork: Theresa Escobedo

Age of Quarantine, day # 370 - Still cookin' a special post here, meanwhile check the Texan's newcomers in OZONE. Their second demo just dropped last month, highly recommended for NO WARNING appreciators, old and new eras.

Limited tapes were made (but not enough apparently), the label/zine behind it are also going to release the Afflictive Nature's latest album Palace Of Pain, which was only available digitally since 2019. 

Monday, March 15, 2021

ABSOLUTION - Juxtaposition

Location: New York City
Release: Wardance Records, 2017

Age Of Quarantine, day # 361 - As I lay the final touches on the blog's next (special) entry here's one hell of an EP by legendary ABSOLUTION for free download, all thanks to Wardance Records and the band!

Juxtaposition EP is comprised of 4 re-recorded songs: two from the 88's DEMO, one from the New Breed Tape Compilation and the last one "In Though" was a live track they never came around to record it.

Saturday, March 6, 2021

HOUNDS OF HATE - Braddock Straight Edge

Location: Braddock / Brooklyn, USA
Release: Braddock Hit Factory, 2011 - 2014

Age Of Quarantine, day # 352 - THE HOUNDS have been honing their sound since 2011, I feel they were going for an American-Oi! inspired NYHC type of hardcore -- THE ABUSED meets Y.D.L. -- and in 2012 they achieved right that to perfection with their sick Cassette EP. To top that EP they signed with Painkiller Records to drop their Debut LP in 2013, needless to say that album fit like a glove in the label's hoster.

Meanwhile all this and before recording their final album Hate Springs Eternal some of the bandmembers already had other things going on like HARD STRIPES (with dudes in Fire & Ice) and BLOOD RED. Then, in 2015 they recorded a live performance for KEPX that's very worth checking out, 5 songs under 13 minutes! The band quit not long after it but some of them didn't waste time and started CONCEALED BLADE, right in the alley of Painkiller and Beach Impediment Records killer stuff.

DOWNLOAD [Hounds Of Hate discography]:
2011 - Demo (BHF)
2011 - No Redemption 7" (Katorga Works)
2012 - Cassette EP (BHF)
2012 - Live @ WFMU
2013 - LP (Painkiller / Assault)
2014 - Hate Springs Eternal (BHF / Assault)

DOWNLOAD [Hard Stripes / Concealed Blade]:


Tuesday, February 23, 2021

ALL FOR ONE - Discography (1988-1989)

Location: New York City
Release: Vitality Records, 1989

Age of Quarantine, day # 341 - Straight from the vault, ALL FOR ONE hailing from Brooklyn, NY and their discography "1988-1989", consisting of one cassette demo and one 7" EP.

For those who weren't around at that time will probably know them from the NEW BREED TAPE Compilation, as they were later added in the 2011 vinyl re-edition featuring 2 tracks Rise Up and Return, both taken from their '89 EP A New Way Of Expression.

Guitar player Richie D. (aka SHOE) was a local graffiti artist and his work can be seen in many flyers, cover arts (e.g. X-Marks The Spot 7") and tags spread through NYC walls, including on the cover photo of the New Breed Tape. Freddy Alva also picked him to be featured on his iconic book Urban Styles.

I honestly don't know who came up with this discography (including the artwork) otherwise it would be nearly impossible to get hold of the 8-song demo, if you know please get in touch to give proper credit!

Fun note: Vitality Records is somewhat of a mystery to me but in recent years Powered Records from Belgium did one of those famous "homage/rip-offs" (a common practice in the hardcore community) using the same label art.

DOWNLOAD [+ photos]

Tuesday, February 16, 2021


Location: New Jersey, USA
Release: Self-Released, 2020

Age of Quarantine, day # 334 - New Age Records has quite a few exciting releases to be out in 2021, one of them is most definetely the Owe You Nothing 12" by THE DIVING LINE.

Their 2017 demo already left one hell of a good impression and in the following year the EP Turn My Back On The World just confirmed they are the real deal, Jersadelphiaware Youth Crew represented! Last year they dropped a 3-song Promo (with 2 great covers) and as you can hear in the track Glory Hound they are even faster and tight as a unit, bands like Floorpunch, Focused Minds and Rated X came to mind.


For the Youth Crew maniacs out there, today's bonus are about 2 other great projects that THE DIVING LINE members are/were involved with: 

Outlast - Demo (2009, Life To Live Records)
Outlast - Take Control (2010, Bottled Up Records)
Outlast - Outlast EP (2011, Harvcore Records)

New Heart - Time Is Runnig Out (2015, Blood & Ink Records)
New Heart - Feel The Change (2018, Blood & Ink Records)

DOWNLOAD [Outlast/New Heart]

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

TERROR ZONE - Lord Of Wrath

Location: New York, USA
Release: Eyeball Records, 1995

Age of Quarantine, day # 328 - TERROR ZONE, a very short lived project started by KevOne right after they called it quits with BULLDOZE, the beatdown originators.

The biggest difference between the 2 bands is probably the lyrics, from a tough guy/violent stance to a more introspective and Krishna-oriented view, most likely due to Kev's incarceration, which definitely can add other perspectives in someone's life.

Lord Of Wrath was first released as a 2-song EP in '95 by a label that later sellout to mainstream music, then in '96 the German label Gain Ground released the full output of TERROR ZONE, including those 2 songs, under the name Self Realization: A True Lesson In Hard Core which kicks off with a powerful mean intro. Too bad they only pulled off 5 songs before breaking up.

These bands are probably not new to many folks out there as they have a certain following, for download I got my hands on the best rips available. The Bulldoze 7" tracks sounds way different from the discography CD version, it's faster and more raw. 
Terror Zone - Self Realization.. CD (Gain Ground, 1996)
Bulldoze - Remember Who's Strong 7" (Hardway, 1994)

Tuesday, February 2, 2021


Location: Boston, USA
Release: Self-Released, 2021

Age of Quarantine, day # 320 - First real post of 2021, starting the year with ya FACE FIRST! Whatever this year brings us, give 'em thrash, at least is what these dudes are doing, barely the year began and they've dropped this nuke, their second demo with 6 face-ripping tracks.

First demo came out 4 years ago so they got room to grow and this is what they did, the sound now is undeniably more tight with plenty of neck-breaking riffs and mosh parts to step in, time to face the blade! 

Sunday, January 24, 2021


Later than usual The 2020 All Things Old School Awards is here (despite what was said in 2019) highlighting the best in hardcore, punk and thrash. I will skip the part where I'd comment what a lousy this year was for a lot of people (me included) and go straight to music productions, which surprisingly didn't slow down and helped us cope through 2020.

First I'd like point out the increased (and needed) partake of women in the underground/DIY scene, they can be seeing not just holding the mic speaking their minds but also picking any instrument and hammering it down in any given style, after all this is not just boys fun.

In 2020, besides the usual newcomers arriving each year, a great deal of veteran bands put out something this year, both in metal and hardcore punk. The problem is most of them lack the excitement and criativity it once had, more suitable for diehard fans, these are some of the big names that didn't make the list: Terror, Subzero, Cro-Mags, D.I., No Redeeming Social Value, Stalag 13, Adolescents, The Spits, Cruel Hand, Testament, Buried Alive, Field Day... There was also these slick throwback compilations, featuring new tracks by a bunch of first-wave Oi!/Street-Punk bands released by Pirate Press.

The full list of some of the finest releases from Youth Crew to Crossover Thrash to Street Punk can be listened on another damn streaming playlist, tons of tracks were heard and filtered down to a minimun, even so it passed the 100th mark, check it to see if you slept on something:

All Things Old School is a webzine about the pioneers of raw, fast and aggro music and those who carry on this sonic force through the decades. A new decade just started and somehow this blog survived an entire one, inevitably it will cease to get updates eventually, thanks to the few (and proud) dozens who stood along all these years, stay safe!

RATED X - UNITED FRONT (Painkiller Records)

It goes without saying "I told you so" but T.Pimlott did it again and United Front was the album with the most rotations here this year and most likely in other boomboxes out there. It's as old school as you could possibly get, mosh for days in a brute and vibrant soundtrack back to back! Shouts to Heavy Discipline and their obliterating new LP also on Painkiller Records.

INSIGHT - REFLECTION (Mission Two Entertainment)

Technically a reissue but it also features 4 glorious new songs plus a few extras. Reflection was one of the biggest (positive) surprises of 2020, bringing back such a crucial band that was INSIGHT.

CHANGE - CLOSER STILL (React! Records)

LegitimateBros are 4ever! This supergroup brings the best from the 00's Youth Crew revival era while managing to keep Closer Still with a contemporary feel rather than just another copycat, the same goes for the Swedish in Speedway and their killer debut EP.


These girls (and guy) bust hard and they are here to stay! More and more asian countries like Singapore are offering new hardcore acts that are reaching ears all over the planet, now with FUSE they've put Lion City Hardcore on the map for good. The impressive "classic" sound of This Segregation Will End comes from their conjunct work with both Howard (Obstruct, Insist) and Killingsworth behind the soundboard, the result brings you back to the late 80's dirty streets of NY boosted with stomps of modern era hardcore and defiant lyrics.


Another welcome surprise from 2020, the multinational group CONQUEST FOR DEATH, led by Devon from What Happens Next? brings their trademarked infectious thrashcore back to the studio after a long hiatus with over a dozen new slabs of self-described "sporadic bursts of intense activity". On a close tie, the Hungarian in Crippled Fox represented the thrashcore nation at the highest level with their new LP In The Name Of Trash.

EXPOSURE - ATONEMENT (Street Survival Records)

Mannheim was the birthplace of one of the illest crossover albums out in 2020, EXPOSURE stepped up the ugly game by blending UK82 with Thrash/Death Metal, more than 2 years on the making, the Atonement!


Boombastic Thrash Metal heading your way straight outta Portugal, courtesy of THRASHWALL debuting at maximum outpout, I'm still trying to figure out how they got to this level right out of the gate, this album is the autobahn of Thrash, no speed limit!! For more Portuguese assault check Mindtaker.


The moment the album starts you realize the 4 year wait was damn worth it, the prodigal son of Irong Age and Power Trip returns fully charged in Ravening Iron with 8 epic tracks of NWOTHM finest.

CUERO - CABEZABOTA (Mendeku Diskak)

Black Metal Skinheads baby, CUERO proved that more bands other than Battle Ruins can mix Metal and Oi! and come out with amazing results. This is a band you should pay a closer attention to in 2021!

*               SPECIAL MENTIONS             *
Big Laugh - Maniac Revision (11PM)
Honey - Nightmare Come To Life (Self-Released)
Peace Test - Uniform Repression (To Live A Lie)
Weight - Weight EP (The Essence)
Pillars Of Ivory - Genesis Demo Twenty-Twenty (Streets Of Hate)
Sanity Control - War On Life (Seeing Red)
Big Cheese - Punishment Park (Quality Control HQ)
Decimator - Alienist (Thrash Or Death)
Dregs - Built To Rot (Refuse)
Sand And Salt - Thrive! (Drone Attack)