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Thursday, December 2, 2021

CASTIGO - Tu Caída

Location: Madrid, España

You may know Yoshi from Tambores De Guerra channel, but he also runs a label and plays in CASTIGO.

Boston hardcore by the way of Madrid, since 2017 they've been feeding us short blasts of rage sang in castellano, their debut EP Tu Caída just came out a few months back, 7 songs under 10 minutes. The title track taken from the 2020 promo was selected for last year's All Things Old School spotify thing.

Monday, November 8, 2021

HARDCORE NEW 15.5 "Demo Zone II"

More demos more demos more demos more demos more demos more demos more demos more demos more demos more demos demos more demos more demos more demos more demos... from the year 2021

BURNING LORD - Demo #1 (Tribe Dream)
Unsurprisingly, once again a huge amount of newer bands are being drawn by 90's metalcore and the beaten ol' path TERROR/Hatebreed formula, kids holding guns in the usual gang photo cover, the whole shenanigan repeating itself, like it was widely discussed in Zack Nelson's podcast: in the end of the day, it's a fun and easy to be attracted to style. So when bands like BURNING LORD come along and keep it raw and simple, in the true old school hardcore essence, not unlike that LAYBACK band featured here last time, they usually stand out from the pack. Demo #2 scheduled for 2022 with already a certain anticipation building.

S.M.I.L.E. - Just S.M.I.L.E. (Delayed Gratification)
These dudes, reppin' Rubber City hardcore (Ohio), also tried something slightly different in their sound and boom, I got hooked! Got me thinking of 2010's Detroit hardcore and the whole Ghoul Gang collective. Tapes can be ordered here.

BIG SHOT - Demo (Tambores De Guerra)
Hudson Valley group bringing the right amount of metal in their hardcore, rooted in the 80's, almost Crossover Thrash like Dead Heat. It would be a shame if they stopped here, more please!

SMASH N' GRAB - Buffalo Hardcore (Edgewood)
Edgewood Records managed to build a name around them with not many but steady solid releases over the years and their newest signing by these newcomers from Buffalo keeps it going strong, demo tape out now.

STEDFAST - Willing To Give (Core Club)
Crunchy guitars check, mean Mike Judge-ish vocals check, gang/sing-a-longs check, you moshing check, hooded edgeman drawing check, Tampa Youth Crew into 2022 and beyond check. 

DOWNLOAD [all demos]

Sunday, October 24, 2021

HARDCORE NEWS 15 "Demo Zone"

Who remembers the great DEMO ZONE section hosted at Straight & Alert Records' website? In only a few minutes you were exposed to a bunch of cool new stuff coming from all corners of the globe. To save some time and sort of paying homage to Alex's label, here's a mini Demo Zone 2021:

LAYBACK - Demo (England)
I got a strong feel of NYHC: Where The Wild Things Are meets Leeds HC with this one, also couldn't help to compare them to fellow countryman in MASTERMIND. This project has the full old school hardcore package, including the raw production demo, very promising.

SUSPECT - Demo (Germany) 
Man... there's a new label/zine in Germany and they mean business! I'm talking about Collective Memory Records and their sick debut release with the also german dudes in SUSPECT followed by Tides Denied and Exhibition newest dope records, all killer no filler.

This demo rocks hard, fast/short hardcore with slightly melodic parts not unlike Gorilla Biscuits and Kid Dynamite under a more modern take, it's COSMIC JOKE from Los Angeles.

OUTFACED - Demo (Germany)
From the same label that brought us Powerage comes OUTFACED, more quality raw pissed german hardcore. This one got me thinking of ALLxILL, fast with mean breakdowns.

Closing up this Demo Zone revival a tasty 3-song Crossover offering by SOUL HARVEST from Newcastle upon Tyne because Crossover bands are never too much... never enough!! All hail riffs galore!

DOWNLOAD [all demos]

Monday, October 18, 2021

PEST CONTROL - Infestation / Rat Race

Location: Leeds, UK
Release: Self-released, 2021

More PEST, more THRASH!! New single out in April.

Tuesday, October 5, 2021


Location: Düsseldorf, Deutschland
Release: STTW Records, 2021

POWERAGE's 2019 full-length Introjektion was a real blast I reckon, feels like storming through a minefield during an air raid, trying to grab your limbs and shit as they fall apart. Just recently they presented this new DEMO with a glimpse of what's to come, an ugly af future that is!


Monday, September 13, 2021

NEKROMANTHEON - Visions Of Trismegistos

Location: Kolbotn, Norge
Release: Hells Headbangers, 2021

Behold the beast of 2021, bringing inspiration from ancient Egypt and Greek mythology to their old school Death/Thrash harder-than-ever sound, NEKROMANTHEON is on top of their game after 9 years since the last album came out.

This thing is so damn evil that it can blow a priest's head off just by listening to the opening riff, a true shredding machine working 32 minutes at high voltage. It's even more maddening to think they're just 3 dudes raising all this hell, so how they came up with this monstrous album "all the sudden" you may wonder?

They first appeared on my radar after they were featured in the sick SPEED N' SPIKES split series by Relapse Records around 2008 alongside other select Thrash acts such as Abigail, Rammer and Toxic Holocaust. Besides the killer music, all 5 split 7-inches forms a nice zombie-themed cartoon painel.

After that they recorded 2 stellar full-lengths and won the Norwegian equivalent to Grammy in 2012, the Spellemann Awards! Taking in consideration this background plus the fact they started in 2005, it all falls into place when you listen to Visons Of Trismegistos. In 2019 Duplicate Records came forward and re-released their awesome first EP We're Rotting with a bunch of extra tracks from splits and compilations, which is the version you'll be getting here.

[We're Rotting LP + Speed N' Spikes Series]

Friday, September 3, 2021


Location: Charlotte, USA
Release: Self-Released, 2021
Artwork: Haleigh Cunningham

More demos coming your way! This one was suggested by Devin from Rejection Pact, I'm talking about North Carolina's NO LONGER AT EASE and their 4-song debut work.

As the first track progress my expectations about the band's main influence (due to name choice) were confirmed, you get strong vibes of late BEYOND and BATTERY.

Their background consist of 2 bands: the youthcrew band Substance and the fast and pissed Fading Signal. They took a bit of that rage out and added some melodic riffs, a formula that had a secure home in labels like Rivalry Records, thus bringing a lot memories back.

Such a strong start always raise the bar for whatever comes next, let the folks at React! hear it to see it skyrocket!

Thursday, August 19, 2021

WRECKAGE - Both Demos

Location: Connecticut, USA
Release: Scheme Hardcore, 2021

Representing Connecticut Hardcore into the new decade comes WRECKAGE and their second demo playing fast and to-the-point hardcore with strong Youth Crew influences! The good stuff are starting to pop up in 2021.

Tape out on Scheme Hardcore, first demo got a limited run by Dead At Birth Fanzine.

Saturday, August 7, 2021

FANTASY WORLD - Rules Of The Game Demo

Location: Detroit, USA
Release: Self-released, 2021

Wasuuuuup?! For fans of Moshers Delight/Lockin' Out sound, meet FANTASY WORLD.

More nasty music soon, don't die!!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

WISH TO DREAM - Demo 2021

Location: Seattle, USA
Release: DIY, 2021

Age of Quarantine, day # 432 - Just got this little nice surprice in my inbox, the 4-song demo from Seattle's newest HC act WISH TO DREAM. Named after the coolest song in Uniform Choice's second album Staring Into The sun.

The reference is sick, sort of underrated album by Uniform Choice, which translates musically as having fair amounts of melodic hardcore into the Youth Crew formula. Either way this is a solid kick off by WISH TO DREAM and got me wondering what the future holds for them, a very promising project! Fav track "Strength In Anger".

Also representing the Northwest Hardcore and, from what I believe, has members of Wish To Dream in it, comes REAL and their debut album "2019", very well produced straight forward hardcore, mastering signed by Killingsworth.