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Friday, August 6, 2010


LOCATION: Münters, Deutschland
LABEL: Hardware Records, 2008

Alka Seltzer
Stranded in Nowhere
Low Life
Static Eyes
Shit City
Stockholm Syndrome
This Mess

Quem aí gosta de Regulations? Para os low lifers de plantão, mais um disco do Press Gang para download. A própria banda disponibilizou o LP que atualmente esta fora de catálogo. Pegue sua prancha com rodas ou sua motoca sem motor, descole uns phones, um tocador e arrepia esse asfalto sujo. Na seqüência um trecho de uma entrevista realizada na época do lançamento deste disco (muito bom!):

Who are you guys and what is your mission?....
.. ..Pogo: We are Pogo (bass), Grossen (drums), Julius (guitar) and Lennart (vocals) and we've been known as Press Gang since late 2006. Our mission is to collect as many country points as possible. You get one country point when you fuck someone from a foreign country. After playing nearly 60 shows in eight countries we already have zero points. So we've changed our motto to "All our orgasms are DIY". And what can we say? We've jerked off in every single country we've been to!....

....Your album has 12 tracks at a total length of 15 minutes, and your shows usually aren't much longer than 20 or 30 minutes. Are you fucking lazy?....
....Time is money, man! Also we aren't one of those fucking hippie jam bands that play twenty-minute songs and think they are amazing musicians. After playing for 30 minutes we all are totally wasted. And we won't have any songs left, because they're all just a minute long. But a minute is more than enough time to tell the listener they're an asshole...

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